Differences between original and compatible cartridges

A toner cartridge is the consumable item of a laser printer and contains toner powder, which is a mixture of carbon, plastic particles, and colouring agents. All these together help to create the image on the paper. Statistics had forecast revenue for printer cartridges for 2012 to be 23.7 billion US dollars. Most shoppers’ knowledge on cartridges is as basic as original cartridges are expensive while compatible cartridges damage one’s printer. Fact is, there is more to these cartridges than that and compatible toner supplies Sydney shops sell may actually work for you. The following are some basic points to help you differentiate between these two cartridges.


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Firstly, an original cartridge for a printer shares the same brand with its printer while a compatible cartridge is brand-new made by third party cartridge; however, the cartridge and printer have different manufacturers. In spite of this, compatible toner supplies Sydney shops sell are just as reliable as the genuine ones as long as you get your cheap toner supplies from a supplier who is reputable. This may help you save on cash and still maintain the quality of your printer and its performance.

Price difference

The cost difference of these two cartridges is because with a genuine cartridge, a manufacturer does research and incurs development costs which they have to make up for, and thus need to make profit in the sale to get back their money. This is why they have high prices. On the other hand, compatible toner supplies Sydney shops sell do not have these overheads, thus their prices are way fair, especially when they are produced in a mass. However you should be extra vigilant as there may be sub standard compatibles, which have cheap toner options. Hence, you must go to reputable websites that have return policies and guarantees.


When buying a new product, for example a machine, it comes with a warranty for a particular time which ensures that you will get a replacement in case of a malfunction. A cartridge rarely causes a printer to break and suppliers who are legitimate give a guarantee that your printer will still perform regardless of a cartridge failure. If you are really worried about the warranty, you need to know that a manufacturer is legally required to give you a one-year guarantee on electronics. In case of a compatible cartridge, the supplier has to have proof that the problem with the printer is due to the third party cartridge or cheap consumables if they are not going to fix it.


There should be no difference in quality between the two cartridges. The ink formulation of the compatible cartridge is very close to that belonging to the genuine cartridge as they have just as good a colouring reproduction as well as the ease of use not forgetting the accuracy of print which all comes at a very good price.

As we see above both cartridges have good quality and performance, and most of their differences are due to brand and price; hence, either can work for you.