Know the Rules of Engagement Ring Shopping!

Buying an engagement ring for the woman in your life is an important decision. Therefore, you need to give it careful thought and consideration to make sure that you can give her the best ring possible. If you’re in Melbourne, for one, budget is often the first thing that you will consider when you start to look around for Melbourne engagement rings that shops offer. However, there are a few other more basic factors to look into so you can get the best kind of ring possible.


Check out below to find out the essential factors to look into when shopping for Melbourne engagement rings:

Melbourne engagement rings



This is a primary consideration because a lot of women are very particular about the shape of diamonds or stones in their ring. This is a must even before you consider the 4 C’s in buying a diamond engagement ring. The shape refers to the actual geometry of the diamond. It should not be confused with the cut, which also takes into account the angles of the stone. If you do not know what the basic shapes are, you need to do your research beforehand. Or, you can visit a reputable jeweler in your area so you can get useful insight about your choices.



Next to shape, the type of setting on your diamond engagement ring is of crucial importance. The setting refers to the framework wherein you will be mounting the stone – the diamond in this case. The most classic option is a bezel setting, which infuses a modern twist onto a classic round engagement ring. Another popular type is the four-prong setting. Make sure that the setting you have chosen matches the shape of the diamond.



Once you have the two basic components out of the way, it is time to take into account her personal style. Most couples these days tend to shop for engagement rings together. However, if you want to keep it traditional and surprise your woman, then you should definitely shop around for Melbourne engagement rings by yourself. This makes it doubly difficult to choose without her inputs, though.

The best way you can approach this is to closely examine her jewelry choices. What type of ring shape does she like? Does she prefer a modern or traditional style? These factors will come into play when considering the small details that make up your ring.


Type of Metal

This is another vital factor that can make or break your choice of engagement ring to buy. Platinum is the number one type of metal band used in most engagement rings in the market. Its durability (especially in a pure state) is what makes it popular. Meanwhile, gold is a classic choice too and you can find several options ranging from white to gold to yellow. If both of these options do not fit into your budget, you can also consider a palladium for the ring’s metal band.


The final consideration when buying engagement rings in Melbourne is to be cautious about where you are buying from. Look for a certification to ensure the authenticity of the diamond rings you get from them. You might also want to check the refund policy, in case you want to return or have the ring exchanged (or re-sized).