Successful methods of wood recycling with least wastage

For ecological reasons, wood recycling has become very important and more and more people are looking for sustainable solutions. These solutions come under various classes and categories, and include food, water, building, clothing, energy, community, transport, business, economy and ecosystem.  Also, companies that know how to do so with minimal wastage can offer money-saving solutions. With global warming a reality, one must learn to do recycling in many ways to support life on the planet. If you don’t have a clue how to recycle wood items, it is best to get it done from a professional entity.

Who does recycling and how?

When we speak about recycling, it means we are able to reuse products in other forms, with least damage to the environment we live in. Not all of us know how the process works, nor do we have the equipment to do the needful with the least wastage. Thus, we depend on the companies that have the tools, equipment and the expertise to do so wisely. A company may need to break down the material so that it becomes reusable. Often machines are required for the same. When it comes to timber and wood recycling, machines can do a better job. Normally, such recycling is done to make energy efficient fuel. Whether it concerns small pellets or joineries, the right machines are required. They can handle large chunks of wood or even dust. The machine is able to break down the wood and make it into dust.

Different machines for cutting and shredding

Shredders and drivers from 15KW to 320 KW are available. The machines are strong enough to handle the strongest and hardest materials, where the wood turns into chips. Once the chips are made into 50mm size (they can be made smaller also), they are cleared of all the nails and screws that may be left. These are removed with strong magnets. Once the chips are cut down to size, the material now needs to be turned into sawdust. There are different granulators and hammer mills to take over the next job. The granulators are often used when the wood is cleared of all the other metal debris that it might have. When hammer mills are used they can handle abrasive materials with the sawdust. The result is a good material that is useful for bonding. They can be applied for pellets. The other useful machines are conveyers, blowers, separators and cyclones. These machines sum up the requirement for breaking.

Customized solutions for breakage

When wood recycling needs to be done, the experts will come over to check the material first. They will make an assessment of the machines that will be required for the same.  It is best to let the professionals give the right methods of breaking. They will have all machines and can break the wood into the right sizes. They will have the labor to come to the customer’s premises and do what’s needed, if it can be done with stand alone machines. Otherwise, the material will be taken into their yard so as to get the least wastage.